lördag 27 juni 2015

Magical Spiritual Animal Tattoo

Some people take peyote to find their spiritual animal, some people just know.

I have know since some time back that I have a magical spiritual animal that gives me magical powers when ever I am in need - The Unicorn.

Some people claim unicorns does not exist, but does that really matter? I mean in the end something only have the importance you give it, and just because you can see something does that mean it really exists? This is a question being debated by philosophers over the centuries - how can we know that something or even ourself exists? Descartes answered that question with Cogito ergo sum (I am thinking, therefore I exist) So I will answer anyone who doubts in the Unicorns the same  - I like them therefore they exist.

I had decided before I came to KL that I would make my unicorn tattoo here, partly as a constant memory of my stay here and partly because of the magical powers it (hopefully)  will give me.

It is always a bit scary to get a tattoo in an unknown place. To find my way I used my best friend Mrs Google. She directed me to a place called Pink Tattoo: http://www.tattoomepink.com/

I went there to check out the place before deciding on it and was very pleasantly surprised. I was greeted by one of the tattooers, Fin, who offered a very welcome glass of water  to drink (we had been walking for 20 min in the heat and where sweating like pigs) and to sit down for a chat. I told her about my idea, that I wanted a somewhat abstract unicorn head on my index-finger.  She immediately objected to that in a very firm but yet gentle way. I was surprised and disappointed but the more she explained how finger tattoos get spoiled almost directly after healing, due to the exposure of the hands, my disappointment turned into gratitude. I very much appreciated her honesty, she could have lost a client there but preferred that to tattoo something she knew would not turn out good. Respect to that! Already there I decided I wanted to make my tattoo with her, but I had to rethink my whole idea so it took almost a week before I contacted her to make an appointment.

When the day finally arrived I walked the 20 min to get there in rain but still with a light heart, finally I would get my tattoo! On my arrival I got to sit down  and wait in their amazing studio, it is so cool and so nicely decorated while she prepared my tattoo.

And the best thing, no children allowed! And even though is in Barcelona I would have missed my crew not being allowed in with me here it felt like a relive that the studio was calm and quiet.

Fin had drawn a very simple unicorn, we discussed if I would put some colour or shadowing into it but since I was not sure she suggested I´d wait. I mean you can always add more to a tattoo but it is not that easy to remove what is already there. So we, or should I say Fin, got to work. Fin is a very good tattooer, she is nice and gentle and you feel completely relaxed in her company. The tattooing did not hurt at all, I was almost disappointed... It was lying there just relaxing, I almost fell asleep. When lying there I was checking out her other sketches and found something I liked a lot, so there will for sure more tattoos with her. But for now this is the finally result and I could not be more happy:

Even though Fin is nice and gentle she is also a gansta so before leaving I had a photo taken with us being being all gansta - up in here! Thank you Fin for helping me get my Unicorn Powers going, I will be back for more...

måndag 1 juni 2015

New adventures

Time to update on my latest escape and adventures.
I am lucky enough to have an aunt with great taste in men. So she send down her ex-boyfriend to visit me: Olov He is travelling Asia for 5 weeks so my auntie suggested him to go visit me in KL for a week. And that was a sight for sore eyes, so fun to finally have a friend to go discover the big city with.

It was a bit nervous before he came since we never really hung out by ourselves before. But we did the right thing and started off by getting shit drunk at a house warming party, lucky enough he came on a Friday considering the close to death experience the day after hangover was. None of us have any recollection of  how we got home, we where at the party, we remember getting into a cab and next thing we remember is swimming around in my pool drinking beer and talking deep shit, as you do at 6 in the morning after way to much to drink. But that definitely broke the ice and the rest of the week we spent trying out rooftop terraces, eating indian food, shopping, beer beer and more beer and between all this we even managed to  go visit the Batu Caves.

Batu Caves is a Hindu temple located in a huge cave and outside there is an enormous statue of Lord Murugan - the god of war

To get into the caves you have to climb a high stair filled of monkeys. In the beginning I was afraid of them since I had heard stories of how they attack tourists and steal their stuff. But there was this incredibly cute baby monkey so my fear did not last very long, there is no sadness or fear a cute little baby animal cant cure.

Inside the caves are impressive, they are so big, there is a temple that is still in use by practician Hindu so meanwhile we where in there they had some kind of ceremony. Very interesting since I had never seen that live before.

So many things you are not allowed to do:

But this one only seems fair to me, why would you be allowed to exercise if you are not allowed to smoke?

Beside the temple cave there is also a dark cave, that can sound worth a visit so we checked it out. Turned out it was a dark cave and protective area of spiders, snails and occasionally snakes! No way I would go in there! So while Olov who is a brave man went for a tour I stayed outside watching the monkeys.

It was my first time hanging around monkeys, and even if I kept my distance I found them interesting to watch, they are so small but so strong. Climbing around the cliffs and trees and doing their monkey business.

After our adventure in the caves it was time for a bigger adventure: return to Koh Lipe, the paradise island I visited last year when I was in KL
Last time it was with my backpacking boss living in a bungalow on the beach. This time I wanted to do it my way, the safe an luxurious way. I guess Olov would have liked it better the way my boss does it, but I think I need to face my fears one step at the time so I wanted to live snake-safe this time. We booked this really nice hotel just by the beach with a cool pool with a pool bar! Can life get much better?

The weekend was total relax for me, drinking beer on the beach in the shadow of a palm tree while Olov went diving.

But eventually he came back safe and sound and we hit the beach bar and he introduced me to drinking bucket.. very dangerous indeed... Another night with fading memories and another morning when I wished I never was born.

Overall it was a wonderful little trip even though I had to walk snake roads and be on a beach full of leaves and branches that freaked me out. But in the end that is what I am here for: To face my fears, one step at the time. And a big thank you to Olov for putting up with me and all my freaking out and being paranoid, you are a true gentleman!