tisdag 17 mars 2015

What makes it worth it all

So after all my whining yesterday I feel so much better today, I guess I just needed to get it out of me. Thank you all for listening.
So now I want to tell you what makes it worth it all. As I already told we went drunk and decided to go to Perhentian islands last weekend.  (Perhentian Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

We booked a plane super early on Saturday morning so very tired we got into a taxi towards the airport at 4.30 in the morning. On our way there my Boss told that someone told him that this is actually monsoon period in the Perhetian´s so the hotel would probably be closed. And if it was opened it was very likely it would rain all the time, and that there would not be any alcohol served at the hotel, and maybe if we got there we would not be able to get back... So facing this horrible scenario of being stuck on an island in the rain with out even some liquor to ease the pain we started to contemplate of just not going. The trip was rally cheap so in the end of the day we would just loose like 100€ each, but be safe and warm and close to beer in KL.
Anyhow somehow we decided to go for it, what the heck you need to be adventurous right and take chances?  So off we went, with Air Asia, scariest air line on earth considering their latest statistics in accidents, but if your going wild why not go all in?

We landed safely after a short flight and then it was next adventure, to get a taxi to the port from where our shuttle speed boat would pick us up and drive us over to paradise. Thankful for travelling with my Boss who is an experienced back packer he organised it all while I was focusing on getting breakfast, You who know me well know how obsessed I am with breakfast and that I refuse to basically do anything in the morning before I get food. So I had a nice cup of tea and some samosas while he organised the next step of our ride. I am seriously thinking to myself, how will I ever manage to travel on my own? Well maybe if I do it in a decent hour, after breakfast, but still...

The taxi ride was about an hour but I loved every second, it was so cool to ride through the Malaysian  country side with cows and goats and monkeys eating, jumping, running around. I realised I am actually in another world, everything is so different here I get the sensation of being separated from reality. I can´t believe it is real, I am really here.

In the port next adventure, find the travel agency where we would get our boat passes, nothing is never easy here and once again I was so happy to travel aside my Boss. I would have freaked out if I was on my own,  I'm definitely not used to the way of the road here. But the port was beautiful, I just love the colours and the simplicity of things.

Next step of the journey was speed boat over to the actual island and that was an adventure indeed. Boat was small and full of happy Malaysian youngsters going on vacations, (even though it´s only me looking happy in the pic) we flew over the waves and bumped down so hard on the sea you would think the boat would break. But it didn´t and finally we reached our final destination: Paradise.

What to say about the island? Not much, you know we landed there and it was just peace, the place almost empty, the sand white, the water crystalline. We got a bungalow straight on the beach and I had the best siesta of my life, sleeping in a chair on our veranda, listening to the sound of the sea and of the jungle. I slept for like 4h then down to the beach again, sun, swim and then it was already beer o´clock. So yes, not to worry there where no monsoon and there was liquor to be found on the island, so in the end it was all good in da hood!

View from the reception

View from the bungalow

View from the veranda

View from the beach

View from the bar (N.B Danish flag)

View from our way from the bar (N.B Swedish flag)

Night falls on paradise

Beer time in paradise

Moonlight over paradise

The next day we where off back to KL and reality again, but on our way back we stopped by an Buddhist community with a giant Buddha. And once again the magic of Asia made it self reminded. After all, this beauty, these contrasts, these paradise islands just around the corner is what makes it worth it all.

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