onsdag 4 mars 2015

Her I go again...

So after a very tearful and heartbreaking goodbye of my loved ones I was on my way. I had dreaded this moment for so long and it was hurting more than I could ever imagine, but I just had to do it.
Some liquor on the plane helped take the pain away and after quick stop over in Doha I was here. In Kuala Lumpur again. The air smelled the same as I remembered it, every city has its specific smell and somehow you can never forget it. When it runs down your nostrils you just now, Im here. And this time its for real, Im going to stay here, Im going to make a new life here. All feelings get mixed up, the pain of all you leave behind with the scare and the excitement of what is lying ahed. You just have to keep yourself together and go with the flow. And in the end I did it, I survived the worst, the goodbyes.

Doha airport

We landed super late and all exhausted by the flight, got some beer and pizza (no, not typical Malaysian food this time) and went to bed. After the delicious breakfast they always serve at the hotel it was straight to the office and a hard days work. So many new faces, so many new thing to learn, I realised this will really be the biggest challenges of my life.

Another day at the office

Luckily my boss felt my pain so directly after work we where going to this place with the best mojitos in KL and I just felt Asia coming down on me. We where walking there, like a 5-10 min walk and the pavements where all broken, big holes in them. I was chocked; we are in the KL CC business barrio so you expect things to be neat and nice. But no, this is Asia, baby - you go by car or you don't go. No one ever walks no where except tourists and us. 
But we got there safe and sound and managed to down 4 mojitos before we realised we had no more money and had to head for the hotel.

Drunk as fuck we managed to get home, wisely enough we always live near by the office so however drunk you are you can always make your way back, and ordered room service along with some Singha beers. In our drunkness we also decided that this weekend will be spent in Perhentian Islands in a nice resort, you know: Because you are worth it. (Or maybe she´s born with it) Just to relax on a beach and get sunburned, in the end of that day thats what Im here for isn't it?

But after all this crazyness and all this emotions and after finally being here the question still remains: Will I ever be able to fall in love with KL or is my love forever lost in BCN?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Kära Maggan, är full av undran, vad hålls du med i KL? Saknar dig hur som,
    Kram fr Mallan

  2. This is proper Carrie Bradshaw journalism up in here! I LOVE it!!! and you fucking rock ;) my best girl <3

  3. Malin, jag är här och ska jobba i ett år, mitt företag skickade ner mig.