måndag 23 februari 2015

Part 2

When I left Kuala Lumpur last time I was sad since I felt I needed more time to truly discover that beautiful, chaotic strange city. So be careful what you wish for: Im going back! And this time I am offered a permanent position as manager for the project I work in.

The offer came in December and since then it has been a complete emotional roller-coster. My first reaction was no, I don't want to do this I love my life in BCN too much. Then I came to terms with it all and started to think about the benefits: the carer opportunity, the adventure, the possibility to discover Asia...
So I accepted the fact, and we started the procedure, however along the way here have been one week yes, then one week no since my boss have had problems deciding whether or not he wants me to go there. But since I writing this you all know that in the end it was decided so. Next Monday I will leave by beloved BCN and fly straight into the Big Adventure. And I will keep you all posted of how it works out through here.

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