torsdag 27 mars 2014

The Last Days

On Wednesday night the girls from management invited me out for dinner, that was so sweet of them I am honestly surprised about how kind they are to me. Since they know Im vegetarian they took me to this all vegetarian and organic restaurant and the food was AMAZING.

The sister and the husband of the manager Dear came to pick us up and we drove through the famous traffic jam to get there, it was so nice that they came along as well - it felt like I was invited to a family gathering here and it is great to feel that you are a part of something and not just an outsider.

The food, the food... How can I describe? They ordered a little bit of everything, tapas style, and all the plates was placed at this spinning disk in the middle of the table so you could just pick and spin and pick and spin. The dishes was traditional from here, Malaysian and Chinese, and all tofu or soy based. It honestly is the best vegetarian food I have had in all my life.

Haha, looking at the photo you really see how extremely much I do not blend in. But as mentioned before - I actually find it interesting not being the norm and to experience how it feels on "the other side"

Then it was Thursday and my last evening. I spent it packing my bags and being hysterical on how to fit everything in, I have really shopped a lot. And to be completely honest, before packing my bag I actually went for some more shopping... Im really starting to adapt to this shopping mall life style.

Evidentially I also spent my last night contemplating on my Adventure here. Actually I am sad about going home, it feels like I just got started here. Finally Im not that afraid of going in the metro alone, I finally start to understand how the different part of the town is related and connected, I finally start to get used to the chaos, the tropical climate, the crowed, the streets, the smells. I would definitely want to stay for some more weeks.

Things I will not miss:

Traffic jam, The heat, The haze, The poor little kitty stray cats (they break my heart), That alcohol is so expensive (The plate cost you 1€, the beer 4€)

Traffic Jam

Things I will miss:

The hotel pool and my night swims, The light, The thunder storms at night, The cheap shopping, The great food, The beautiful vegetation on the streets, The colours, The Adventure.

I can almost see the hotel pool from the office. My hotel is the brownish one in the middle, if you see some green in-between it is the pool area.

Everywhere you see people selling drinks in plastic bags or food on the street.

This is an old tree growing in the middle of the walkway. Kuala Lumpur was originally founded in the middle of the jungle, these are the traces.

So, my journey ends here. At 9 pm I am taking the plane to Doha and from there back to BCN. Tomorrow morning I will be landing at T1 and then a taxi straight in to my friends arms. I am looking forward so much to see you all. But still my heart is breaking and I have tears in my eyes while writing this. I guess Im no good with separations. 

Even though I am leaving KL I might be writing some more in this blog, I guess a lot of impressions and thoughts will come to me when Im back at home and reflecting over everything. So stay tuned, might be continued.

Saying goodbye to KL with one last Tiger Beer.

Bye, bye KL, bye bye Big Adventure. For sure I will miss you <3

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