måndag 10 mars 2014

Maggan in Thailand

Finally the Big Adventure started! And it started at a dirty old bus station at 12.30 PM waiting for a delayed bus while having a beer and a smoke.

The bus was supposed to leave at 12.20 and arrive at 6.30, just in time to catch the ferry from the little town I don´t remember the name of over to Langkawi and from there cab to the other side of the island and then boat over to Koh Lipe in Thailand. So there was quite an adventure lying ahead of us.

Back to the bus garage, it was so incredible dirty and smelly but obviously smoking is allowed. So we bought a beer at Seven Eleven and waited for the bus. While waiting my boss started to tell me all this stories about all the snakes in Thailand and how they where everywhere. The whole adventure was about to end right then and there, but I said to myself: Maggan, this is they year you are facing your fears. So I decided to go along with the adventure and finally with got on the bus.

After 7h on the bus we arrived to the little town 1h late, just in time to miss the ferry over to Langkawi and the connecting boat to Koh Lipe. We needed to go over to Langkawi anyway since our return flight the next day was departing from there.
We where left with two options, either to stay at Langkawi that has okay beaches but is nothing like Thailand, or take the next boat over to Koh Lipe, but not arrive there until 16:00 in the afternoon.  When arriving to the harbor in Langkawi we did the only reasonable thing to do, went shopping while making up our minds. I bought three pair of sunglasses and one pair of sandals. That left us still with some time to think so we had a Starbucks coffee and played stone, scissor or bag over if we should go anyway or not. The scissor won so we decided to follow the original plan and head for Thailand.

I slept like a baby in the boat over to Koh Lipe since in the bus I did not get much sleep, it took 1.5h and then I sat foot on the most beautiful little island you could ever imagine.  We got a little bungalow on a snow white beach and then it was just to relax…

At evening I had a Thai massage, nice dinner to many beers and then I slept like a baby again.

The next day it was all about the beach, crystal clear water and beauty as far as the eye can see.

On the boat back I sat at the front with the wind blowing in my hair and thought: This is happiness.

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