onsdag 5 mars 2014

Second day around

Today i finally got my real room and it is a proper flat. 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 bedroom. It is actually bigger and fancier than my flat at home, so now Maggan is happy again.

Had a busy day at the office, lots to do both for here and to keep up with whats going down in BCN. But still lots of fun. The nice girl Norma, who is my favourite so far, invited me out for lunch. Our office is in this big skyscrape so everything is inside, you just go down to ground floor and then you find all these restaurants. Indian today as well, both for lunch and for dinner. 

Here we have 1.5h lunch since they have half an hour to pray. I obviously did not pray but went for a coffee with the other nice girl Chatchaya istead. I paid 1.10€ for lunch and then 2€ for coffee... And you could never imagine how expensive beer is!!! So, my ladies at home if you plan to visit better bring cash.

So far I have not seen much of KL, still only my hotel, the office and the Indian restaurant but I guess I will have time for some more as well. 

Tomorrow we´ll be buying tickets for Thailand for the weekend if we can find affordable ones with such short notice. I really hope so, would be nice to go to a paradise beach and just relax.

I am still so jet lagged that today at work I had the feeling of working night shift in broad daylight and now at 1:00 am I don´t feel sleepy at all. But better get some rest, today waits 3rd day of my big adventure.

Good night.

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