onsdag 19 mars 2014

Short glimpse of KL

- At night,alone in my hotel room I love to hear the Adhan being sung out from the nearby Mosque.

- The skyline of KL must be one of the worlds most beautiful ones, watching it while approaching it in car is fells like approaching the future

- At my office, the toilets flush themselves. First time I got so scared, now I like it.

- The Malaysian population is mixed up by three main groups Malaysian/Malaysian, Malaysian/Chinese and Malaysian/Indian. This makes the streets so colourful, since every group is dressed in their own style.

- In my hotel there are hardly no occidentals, all is Muslim adapted. Very interesting to be the one breaking the norm for once.

- Asian breakfast is eating proper food, I could not be happier since the only reason I get up in the mornings is that i am going to get to eat. And to have rice and dahl..mmm

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