söndag 23 mars 2014

Saturday Night

So, Saturday night it was time to check out KL´s nightlife. My guide for the night was Janine, a girl who used to work in Barcelona but now lives in KL. We met up for a drink at the Sky Bar, as per it´s name situated on the top floor of a fancy hotel with a beautiful night view od KL´s skyline. We both agreed on taking one or two drinks and then home, none of us was up for one of those all in party nights. I wanted to get up early on Sunday morning to do some more sightseeing.

Sky Bar (not my photo)

Since it was Saturday evening the Sky bar was crowded with The Beautiful people. In the middle of the room there is a big pool where during daytime the Hotel guests can have a swim, during night it adds to the cool, posh atmosphere of the bar.

As I said it was crowed so no table in sight, however when Janine was waiting in the bar to order I waited a few steps behind her and all of the sudden one of the waiters addressed me.
-       - How many are you in your company, he asked
-       - Two, I said
-       - Only two? Give me a moment and I will get you a table, he answered
He started talking in his walkie-talkie and walked away. After some minutes he came back and took us to the perfect table. I was amazed, among all this beautiful, rich looking people (all the girls looked like super models) he chose us to give the table. I guess sometimes it is an advantage to be ordinary looking.

We had one overprized beer there and then we decided to hit off to the bar street, as per Janine’s description “a dodgy street” Sounded fine by me, so from the fancy hotel we took a taxi to this short street overcrowded with bars. The girl from the hotel who worked with the taxi service had given us a name of a bar that she liked so we went there, and I guess that was when it all got out of hand...

We decided to try a cocktail… well you all know what that means, when you start with the liquor you are lost. So instead of one cocktail and then back to home we had three each and then went to a club for more drinks.

On the dance floor there was this Iranian “older” man who had the most interesting dance style, he was all in all the time. For some reason we started talking to him and he was really fun. We all got too drunk and time flew by and the club closed.
Me and Janine had not had any dinner so we where off for some Indian food, Jahan – the Iranian guy was also going home so we left the club together. Just a few steps out of the club Jahan was suddenly gone, he had fell into this big hole! Only his arms and head was above, we helped him up and noticed he actually was badly damaged – he was bleeding from his head and could not move his right arm. We laid him down on the street and got water and tissues from a bar to clean off the blood.  Since his arm apparently was badly hurt we had a girl call an ambulance, they said they would come in 20-30 minutes. While waiting another guy came up and asked if he should call an ambulance, I told him someone had already done that and we where waiting. He said, ok but Im Malaysian, I call and they come immediately. And so he did, and so they did.
We left our new friend in the good care of the ambulance nurses and hit of to end the night at an Indian restaurant.

The food was delicious and we started to talk with this group of gay guys sitting next to us, they where so much fun. One called himself Biatchonce (for Beyonce) but it turned out he was the drummer of a punk band! Another one was Shakira so he danced like her for us, we laughed so much with them. 
When we finished the Indian and took a cab home it was already 5 in the morning…. Well, that’s the rule right? When you just go out for only one  beer you end up in party and party and party. But this night was definitely something out of the ordinary!

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