tisdag 25 mars 2014

Shopping Mall Life

Every time you ask someone here what to do and what to se in KL they give you a name of a shopping mall.

On my tour with Norah I took the opportunity to investigate bit further in this culture. For me as a European it seems just horrible to spend all your weekends in a shopping mall. What I love about Barcelona is the street life, the beauty of the streets, to sit down at a terrasa for a beer and just watch the people who pass by.
Here you meet up with your friends in a huge mall where you´ll find the stores, the spas, the cinemas, the bars, the restaurants etc.. everything you want inside one big building.

I do understand now that our BCN life is impossible here, the heat and the “haze” makes it unbearable to be outside the major part of the day.  You just have to accept the shopping mall as your only alternative for a social weekend life.

However I am sure that there is an alternative life here as well, I just have not been here long enough to find it.

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