torsdag 20 mars 2014

First adventure in KL

So today was my first day alone in KL. I was so sad my boss left me here alone and thought I was going to wither away in my hotel room, or go healthy and spend all my nights in the gym. Instead I decided to once again face The Adventure on my own, and I found love along the way.

Every time you ask someone here what you need to see and do the answer is shopping, so today I took them by the word and set off of one to the biggest shopping malls - The Pavillion. The girls from work were also going so they offered me a ride in their car. But that would´t have been an adventure, would it?

I turned down the offer, not out of my big curage but out of the necessity of getting my credit card from the hotel.

I checked various options of getting there and decided to try the metro. Might sound easy and not scary at all, but actually it is when you do not know the language or how things work. And above that there where no direct line so I had to change train on the way.
Of course everything went perfect, people where so nice, when they saw my lost face they addressed me and said you are going to Bukit Bitang, right? That is the station where all the big malls are so obviously thats where all the tourists go.

I made it in one pice and entered the biggest, fanciest shopping mall I ever seen - Gucci, Prada Marc by Marc Jacobs... I was in heaven, but wanted to cry. Even though things are cheaper here they are still way out of my league. I went in to the the Marc Jacobs store anyway just to touch something of his... magic...

Not everything was brands and I managed to find true love, Italian love, also called Fiorucci at 50% of.

After all this shopping experiences I felt exhausted and not up for more adventures, so a took a cab back to the hotel and paid a fortune. But sometimes you must treat yourself to some luxury, and it really felt like that. When we stopped outside a door man came to open the taxi door and carry my bags inside, treated like a queen!

Now I am resting in my safe flat wit a glas of wine and this beautiful view, so I must say I am pleased with my first day on my own.

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