söndag 23 mars 2014

Saturday Morning

On Friday at lunch my colleague Norah asked if I wanted her to show me Putrayaja - the government city, outside of KL. Of course I said say, and I was so surprised and delighted by her kind offer!

Saturday morning I took the metro out to her suburbia, where she picked me up in her car and we headed for Putrayaja.

Just your ordinary metro station, but so many prohibitions

 Putrayaja is a fairly new city, constructed to hold all government buildings and all government people in an attempt to make KL less crowded. In the middle there is an artificial lake and surrounding you all main buildings.

Since Norah is muslim she wanted to show me the Mosques in Putrayaja. First we went to the pink one, there they where very strict and made both me and Norah wear a rope.

Next stop was what Norah calls "The Iron Mosque" because its dome is all made out of steel. For me that mosque was the most amazing part of Putrayaja. Inside a calmness was ruling, every one was so nice. I was the only non-muslim visitor so I wore the visitor robe (In this one Norah could wear her normal cloths) but every one who saw me smiled at me and was transmitting friendliness, I felt more then welcome. The architecture was amazing, truly somewhere the elfes of Tolkien would feel at home.

Mosque selfie!

And when we where there we saw a beautiful couple getting there wedding photos taken

After all this sight seeing we where hungry and exhausted by the heat so we drove to a very lokal food court, I was the only tourist in sight. When the woman of the food place found out I was swedish she told me how much she loved swedish meatballs, she used to go to IKEA and eat them - impressive how big IKEA is and how they have managed to make swedish meat balls famous word wide.

My first plate of traditional Malaysian food - delicious!

Norah drinking Ice Tea asian style - from a plastic bag!

After lunch we where still very tired, but decided so check out the botanic garden, and guess what? First thing that happened was that we saw a couple getting there wedding photos taken.

And then we found our self in the middle of a fashion photo-shoot

Then it was time to call it the day and go back to the Hotel for a siesta. Thanks a million to Norah for taking me out on this trip! 

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