måndag 17 mars 2014

Maggan in Thailand part 2 

First thought  landing at Phuket Airport was: We should have gone back to Koh Lipe.
I was so not prepared for the dirtiness, the craziness, for the Adventure.

From this little paradise island to an airport filled with people (so many Swedish) and the heat, the dirt. I did not like it.
We got on the bus to Phuket city and from there we where going to change to another bus taking us to Patong Beach where our pre-booked hotel was situated. 
On the bus I fell asleep, already tired of impressions. I woke up just before the driver left us, saying we where close to the other bus station. It was an old, dirty part of town and no signs of any bus station so we (that is my Boss - I was against it) decided we should hitch hike. And so we did, he showed me how to do it in Thailand and after some failures I managed to wave in a car that would take us to our destination.
 I was so afraid, but as I said before - this is the year of facing my fears. 

However it turned out the driver did not know where our hotel was so he dropped us off in the middle of Patong Beach town. I don't know how to describe it but it is more or less hell on earth. It is a touristic, party, sex tourist kinnda place, the last place I ever wanted to be.

We started to ask around how to find our hotel, while walking and walking in the heat. It was way past beer time, so both we´re starting to get tired and loose faith. Finally we decided to stop and have a drink and think things through and after two beers we came up with the brilliant idea to ask the staff in the bar for help. They were as kind as Thai people normally are so they managed to find the address and a driver to take us there (over price of course) and after two minutes driv up the hill, into the jungle, we found our place; A quiet little hotel far from the party life. 

At one hand I was relived to get escape Patong Beach, but knowing my panic of snakes I was not at all comfortable with living in this hotel in the jungle. I was completely freaking out, but trying to hold it together.
It was late so we went for food and then for a swim in the pool. Normally it would have been wonderful, the hotel was almost empty so we had the pool to ourselves, but I was too jumpy to enjoy it, always looking out for the snakes.

The next day we rented a motorbike and went in search of a nice beach. Facing my next fear: Going on a motorcycle only dressed in shorts and t-shirt = no protection, on the roads of Thailand. Again I was so afraid, but, what the hell if Im facing my fears, Im facing my fears so I just went with it.

That day luck was on our side and we found this nice beach with a baby elephant taking a bath and playing with a human baby in the sea! What a sight for soar eyes! Unfortunately I had left the memory card for the camera at home , so no photos.

Again at the beach I was all jumpy about snakes and could not really relax, luckily for me it started to rain so we had to go back.
Going back I just decided to stop it already, if I meet a snake, I meet a snake I can´t control it by being jumpy, and paranoid and always trying to control the environment and from there it all got better.

We had the most beautify monsoon swim under the poring rain in the pool, and then we got dried up and off to Phuket town.
Once again all the fear of being unprotected on a motor cycle in Thailand and once again we where lucky and found the nicest little street in old china town.

We had a nice dinner, some beers and did some shopping before going back to our little hotell.
It was quite late when we got back and while passing the room of our neighbour we could see that he had brought home a young, prostitute girl with him. I was so chocked, he was this young good looking guy, not the type you imagine going there to bang hookers. It was just awful. I was enjoying a nice night swim in the pool, while just a few meters away a young girl was getting raped for money... I can´t describe the feeling. I wanted to do something, but what can you do? The whole Patong beach is a whore house where (usually) old men go to buy sex, it was everywhere. I just realised how incredibly lucky I am being born just where and when I was born. Until now I have never been in a situation where my only option was to sell my body. I really got to see the ugly side of Thailand this time, and it left me with a very, very bad taste in my mouth. That night I had a hard time to fall asleep, thinking of what was going un just a wall away...

The next day was our last day, and it was a grey day so we decided to take the motor cycle back to Phuket and enjoy some more of Phuket old town. And so we did. It was a really, really nice day. 
After the craziness of the traffic we came there safe and sound, had a nice breakfast and then spent 4h in a spa. 2h massage then 2h of pedicure and manicure (sorry Madame Bijou.. btw I got the Chanel nails all read but one black)
After the spa we found out that there was a market going on in the street we where the day before. An incredible mich mach of colours, taste and sounds. Time went by too fast as it always does when you have fun so before we knew it, it was time to race back to the hotell, retur the motor cycle, have last swim in the pool, some beers and then back to Kuala Lumpur. 

After my second trip to Thailand I realised more than ever that for me this is a trip of facing myself, my fears and the world I knew existed but always choose to close my eyes from. I hope I will never be the same again.

And by the way one of the most fascinating thing of Phuket is the electricity cables, se photos below.

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