fredag 7 mars 2014

Hey Business

Even though I have now been here some days I still am so jet lagged. All day long I am so tired, and at night time I have difficulties to fall asleep. Fells like I am working night shift.

Still I haven´t experienced so much of my Big Adventure. I really notice that I am here on a business trip. The hotel where I am staying is so designed for businessmen and their families,  they even have a 30 day rate that makes it cheaper to stay for longer periods. Everyone there are business people, you don´t see the classical tourist hanging around. It is all suits or the Muslim, long white man dresses.
I also feel very business, when planning my wardrobe for the trip I focused on office suitable cloths, not my usual casual style. So I am wearing knee long skirts, shoes with a little heel and nice tops. I look very much like a businesswoman! When I see my self in the mirror I get a bit frightened of myself, I look so mature and serious, not like the real insecure, childish, silly me. So, to all of you who know how much I struggled with my outfits, I must brag about myself and tell you all I succeeded!

I am so fascinated by the Muslim culture here, I have never before been in a Muslim country so for me everything is new. I must say I really like the fact that my colleague Nora is a Muslim since she has such understanding ant respect for me being a vegetarian. Since she only eats Halal she knows how it´s like when everyone wants to go somewhere and you need to worry if you will find something you can eat there. So she always plans our lunches and thinks of new places we can go where I will also be able to find something to eat. I appreciate that more than I can say. It was actually one of biggest concern when coming here, it is so frustrating to always be the complicated one who objects to restaurant’s because of being a vegetarian. Especially when you are with new people, you want to be smooth and blend in, so I am so happy she is here helping me out.

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