måndag 24 mars 2014

Sunday. Morning and Night

After the adventures of Saturday night I woke up with the hangover you can expect. I had put the alarm at 12:00 to get at least 7h sleep. I woke up and forced myself out of bed, the plan was to take the hop on, hop off tourist bus to finally get a good overview of KL.

When I came out, the street with the bus stop was shut down for some event, and there where no information on where to go instead. What a bummer! Well it was my last free day in KL so had to think of a back up plan. One of the stops I had planned to do on the bus was China Town and Petaling street. It is mentioned in all guidebooks and online as a must in KL. It is a long street where you can buy all sorts of copied things, bags, purses, shoes, watches – you name it. 

What the guidebooks did not mention, probably because they are written by men or people who went there in groups, that they do not only call on you to get you to buy their stuff, you also get sexually harassed. All the time – Miss, do you want a handbag? Do you have a boyfriend? Come here miss! One man even grabbed his package and asked if I wanted to touch! It was far from a pleasant experience so I left as quick as I could. 
I went back to central Market, which is nearby, for a Watermelon shake and to cool down, both my temperature and my emotions.

I get so angry that evil, sexist men always have to destroy things for us women. Why? Why are they that way? I don´t understand. I really notice it so much during this last days when I am here alone, before, with my boss here I felt safe to be out at night. Now I am afraid just to go food shopping at 9 in the evening. Men, men everywhere – always their eyes on you, always their comments. I am so sick and tired of it - why can´t they just leave us alone?

Anyway, after cooling down inside the market I went to the bus stop and was so lucky that a bus came straight away.
The bus was okay, it was nice to get a glimpse of KL, but I did not do any stops since it was too hot. After 2.5h on the warm bus I was so hungry and tired and hangover that I decided to go home and relax by the pool.
Unfortunately the pool was filled with screaming children, I have always wondered for whom the pool is since it is only open until 21.00 and normally people here are working until late. Now I know, it is for all the kids the business people bring along. Since we all know that kids pee in the water it did not feel save to go in there, instead I sat and smoked cigarettes to bother them away until I fell asleep.

When I woke up they where all gone and darkness was falling upon KL. I love that moment, when everything goes quiet and the only thing you hear is the prayer sung out from the minaret. I sat there relaxing until my stomach made me go look for food. But I realized that one of the things I will miss most about KL are those quiet moments by the pool.

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