fredag 21 mars 2014

The Office

To access my office you need to cross a bridge. Here in KL the traffic is so heavy and there is always traffic jams, so everywhere there are bridges crossing the street for pedestrians to get to the other side safely. Unless you like the adventure and you run over in between cars, I have done that as well, but it´s a bit too much for my sensitive heart.  This is the bridge to my job, the big building in the background is my office.

Is it a spaceship? No its the security pass for the office

To get an elevator you must identify yourself by putting your entrance card to a reader, then you can only press the floor you have access to, in my case nr 25. I can not stop by at any other floor. You get assigned an elevator and in there time flies, in 2 seconds you go from ground floor to 25th floor, no kidding.

Space-elevator selfie

The view from up there I have already showed you.

On ground floor of the building there is a food court, you find one section of Halal food and one restricted area for non Halal. I prefer the Halal one since they have more vegetarian food. You can buy your food at any place and then there are a lot of tables in the middle not belonging to anyone of the restaurants so people can eat together even if they buy at different places.

After lunch the best option is to go have fun in the grocery store.

Then back to the office, the cross the bridge and then to The Adventure.

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