tisdag 11 mars 2014

A new life

After seeing myself in bikini I decided it was time for a change of life style. Luckily my boss wanted to join so we decided that today we where going to start a new healthy life. It didn´t work out that well.

The plan was to get out of the office early, go shop wine and fruit, back to the hotel, 1h at the gym while doing the laundry and then fruit and wine at the pool.

Getting out of the office on time was of course as lie but as far as shopping wine and fruit everything went fine except from that they have so many funny things in the supermarket that shopping took over an hour.
Then of course we needed a beer and a smoke so it was already 21.30 when we got back to the hotel.

 Well anyway, no gym today but we can still do the laundry and the pool part of the story.  So off to the laundry room, and then get all packed for the pool, or so we thought… We realise we live in an all Muslim hotel so no wine opener in the hotel room, neither in the reception or in the restaurant, they don’t serve alcohol here. Since we cant have wine without an opener the only solution was to get out and get the bottle opened elsewhere. I was the one most decently dressed even thought that meant I was dressed in bikini and a long t-shirt so I was the one who had to cross the street and enter one of Kuala Lumpur´s most fancy hotels – The Continental, and ask them to open my wine bottle.

I looked like a beach tourist in Mallorca when I entered the piano bar filled with huge sofas and crystal chandeliers and addresses one of the waitresses. I said:

- Hi, you know I’m Swedish so I assumed there was going to be wine openers in the room but there weren’t, could you please open it for me?

She just stared and asked:

- Are you going to drink that here?

I reassured her that I was going to put it back in the washing bag I was carrying it in and drink it elsewhere. Then she agreed to open it, but under a lot of suspicion, even more so since when she brought out the bottle of the bag she could see it was the cheapest one from the supermarket. I guess they had a good laugh at me all night long.

So, then I ran back to my hotel, finally I was going to get out of the heat and in to the pool, but no, again faith wanted differently, or better said our hotel finds it suitable to close the pool area at 9pm.  

So standing there in my pool outfit, all sweaty, outside a closed door I realized that a healthy life style is very complicated and maybe not for me.

 But the night ended in a good way anyway, we had picnic at the hotel room and watched The Devil wears Prada, life could definitely have been worse. And at least I have clean cloths, that part of the plan we actually managed to pull off!

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