söndag 23 mars 2014

Saturday Afternoon

When I got back to the hotel I was completely exhausted, both by all the impressions but also by the heat. Sight seeing in 36 degrees really kills you. So I slept for more hours that i meant to and then it was time to hit the metro again. Easy now since Im almost becoming a pro. This time I wanted to check out Central Market, a market place for traditional crafts. In the metro it stroke me why I am so worried and feel insecure all the time - it is because I am alone. Normally when you do your tourist stuff you are with someone, it is very strange to be all alone going out for discoveries. And also a bit scary.

Going there to Central Market I found out that Graffiti by river banks is a worldwide phenomena.

Central market is situated in a different part of the city and it was nice to see something else then skyscrapers.

The market place is crowded with colours and impression, so much to see and all squeezed in in a fairly small place. 

As you can see MH370 is present everywhere here, now you can even buy the T-Shirt. I didn´t.

You can also buy your own knight armour, now at rebated price. I din´t buy that one either.

Now I was truly exhausted by my day did not end there. I got back to the hotel, showered, had a smoke and the I was ready to hit town and discover the night life of KL with Janine. To be continued...

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