torsdag 13 mars 2014

Apparently me and my boss have achieved becoming VIP´s at the bar close to work.

Yesterday when we went for our AW beer, the manager came out and asked if he could have a photo with us. The funny, or really the sad, part of the story is that he was constantly directing himself to my boss. He asked him if he could take a photo, and since he did not talk or look at me I assumed he only wanted a photo of my boss. But then he said: If you and your wife would not mind. Not even then did he look at me, the decision was all up to my "husband" Weirdest moment ever! Well my "husband" agreed so we had ot pose for the photo and then we got VIP treatment all night long...

I assume you drink a lot of beer when you make it to the VIP´s in 10 day.

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