torsdag 14 maj 2015

Oooops I did it again...

For those of you who read this blog last time I was here knows I had a fatal adventure at the hairdresser. Well, i got tired of my trashy hair and thought to give it a new try, I mean two times is a charm right?

In addition I felt so trapped in this boring business-manager world so I felt the need to rebel a little and express my true self. Back to my punk roots sining Passenger on the menu on the back of aunties bike. So I booked an appointment at Toni & Guy for today.

Very nervous and aware of the danger due to my previous mistake I came there 10 min before time. They where super sweet, offered me something to drink and then it was time. My hair stylist Kevin looked like a reliable guy so I explained my idea to him and he totally agreed, even though he asked me several times if I was sure. I said hell yeah! and scissors went in the hair.

1h later I went out of the saloon looking like this:

And guess what? I love it!

So lesson learned: Never be afraid to repeat a mistake, next time it might actually work. Love my new hair, love that I dared, and I love that I will keep repeating my mistakes and make them right. Never let fear rule, even if it is for such a trivial thing as cutting your hair.

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