söndag 10 maj 2015

There and back again - Singapore

Life here is so totally different and this weekend I had another surrealistic experience. I went to Singapore on an 11h bus ride return to attend a charity gala for 5h

One of my bosses was participating in a boxing challenge that ends with a boxing gala: White  Collar Boxing It is a charity event with a silent auction and all the money raised goes to a children's hospital in Cambodia. So all good in da hood, all for a good cause. However the whole event was out of this world. For us to be there and support Joanne, the Boxer, our super-boss had bought several tables at the gala and arranged for a bus to take us there and back again.

The journey started in a bus going out of KL towards Singapore a t 13.00 Accidentally I had happened to go out with another of my bosses on Friday and he managed to get me shit drunk, so even if I was back at home already 12.00 Friday night I was not in my best shape on Saturday morning. I went up, made brunch and then I went back to bed to rest my eyes for a while. I dreamt I woke up 12.45 and had to stress like crazy, I could not find my bag etc. At 11.40 I woke up for real realising the dream was coming true, we where supposed to meet at the office at 12.00 so there was no way I could make it on time. Sweaty, hangover and red in my face I came running to the meeting point at12.20 so at least I did not miss the buss. But not the best start to an adventure.

For me it was a cool experience to go on a buss ride through Malaysia, jungle jungle everywhere. Very beautiful, very different. 
We stopped for food and to get changed and put our make up on in a place a long the road. We got 15 min to fix ourselves up for the gala, so that was a sweaty exercise. Before I was back on the bus again  I had lost most of my make up and it felt really weird hanging out on a buss in fancy dress and high heels.

Before and after make up, not that much difference

Just trying to make a fancier pose on the after pic, so at least I can pretend I look cool.

Singapore is a ver special country with very special laws and you get fined for basically everything:

1. Chewing gum is not allowed - fine
2. Littering not allowed - fine
3. Not crossing the street exactly on the zebra cross lines - fine
4. Having a car more then 15 years old - higher tax
5. You are not allowed to smoke anywhere - fine

Just to mention a few. This obviously leads to that the country is very nice and clean and you only see new cars on the road. But it also gives you a feeling of George Orwells 1984 - perfection leads to oppression.

Before crossing the boarder you need to through away your chewing gum and your smokes, even an open package of fags is considered smuggling. However the bus guy told us that sometimes if you ask nicely and are foreigner (european) they might let you keep your smokes, so I thought it was worth a shot. The custom person was very nice and friendly so I decided to ask him. After speaking some german - I made up my part since I don´t speak german, seems like a common mistake thinking all northern European speak german, not first time it happens - he let me bring my smokes over. So I now have cigaret smuggling on my merit list. Not that I really need my smokes that bad, but if you get the chance to do something illegal with the law workers consent you just gotta do it.

We arrived at the venue 1h late due to problems in the custom with one of the bus drivers, he was detained due to passport issue so we had to pick him up on our way home. I flipped when I saw the people there, the gowns the Armani suits... I quickly went from feeling over dressed on the bus to feeling completely under dressed, but luckily they let us in anyway. 

I have never been to a charity event before, in my world that is just not something me and the people I hangout with get invited to, I guess we are just to poor and not fancy enough. Strange feeling to be in the same room as people with money for real, and they where prepared to spend it, the Moet was flowing at all tables and at the silent auction the items was sold for fantasy prices. Never in my life have I seen so many trophy wives, surgically improved 20 something girls hanging on the arm of an older man. Totally surreal, you know these kind of things exists but to see them for real is just freaky. And never had I attended a boxing event either and I must say I loved it! Boxing is totally fun to watch live and if I get the chance I will go again. I even got so inspired I want to start boxing myself, probably not a good idea considering my current physical condition.

If your where rich enough you could buy an original print of Andy Warhol. It hurts my souls I am not

Or a signed t-shirt from Messi, that did not hurt a bit. Would not pay 1 cent for it his sweaty old clothes, but others where rally keen on getting their hands on it.

Food was amazing

And while in the moment, why not pretend everything is real and this car could be yours? At least for a photo

At 24.00 the bus picked us up again and off we went back to KL At 6.30 I was finally home and crashed into bed, full of a new experience and a new adventure. So after all this KL thing is not that bad from time to time, I get to do things I would never ever even come close to in real life.

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