söndag 26 april 2015

Born To Lose 

Kuala Lumpur means "muddy confluence" as it is located at the confluence of two rivers, Klang and Gombak. Before man came here there where only jungle and still, in despite of all the high rise buildings, it is a very green city. You feel the jungle sneaking about just beneath the man conquered surface waiting for its moment to take it all back. This is something that is true in all cities, but for some reason I feel it more obvious here in KL, maybe because its such a young city, the roots of man does not go that deep here as in other cities. Or maybe it is because I live in a jungle hut, and even though its all fake jungle I still feel its out there, waiting for us to make a mistake, to put our guard down. Cause in the end of the day it has been her since dawn of time and KL has only been occupied by man since 1850. You see it all the time, as soon as we abandon a place, nature is there to claim it back.

Below photos is not mine, but stolen from the Instagram Abandonedearth:

We fight nature and does not want to acknowledge the fact that we are the one occupying. We spray the green with poison to kill the mosquitos, cause we don't like them. But they where here before us. In my house I have ants in the bathroom, I want to exterminate them but they are a reminder that my house of wood and concrete is just a fragile shelter against the nature out there. It will always find its way in however much we fight it. We are the once who will lose in the end. Long after we are gone, nature will still be here. Raped, used, reaped, wounded but far much stronger than we will ever be. It just bides its time, confident that victory is already its, and we, us, the ridicules little priggish human race can be at war with it for as long as we wish. But we are the loser, we where born losers and will extinguish as losers.

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