söndag 12 april 2015

My very own Jungle Home

As mentioned in previous post I finally decided to go for a jungle hut and now I have been here little more than a week and so far no regrets.
It is amazing to have so much space to myself and it´s the first time in my life to live in a duplex. Having a two storeys flat connected by a stairs has it´s ups and downs. I love the spacious feeling and love to have separate living spaces. The down side is that my hang-out room is upstairs and obviously I constantly forget things downstairs. The same happens every morning, bedroom is upstairs as well and I think that so far it has not been a morning without me forgetting something there. So it´s a lot of running up and down those stairs. But I guess in the end the price is worth it. Especially since I truly have no life what so ever down here so far. All I do is work, go to, sleep, wake up, go to work, work go home, sleep... and so it goes. Comes weekend Im so exhausted that all I do is watch series and sleep and sleep. So having this amazing place is a life saver. And the fact that I have several rooms to hang in also helps not to get bored with it considering the great amount of time I spend in here.

I assume there is a great deal of fun you can do in KL but so far I have not had the energy to explore any of it, for now my home is my castle and Im totally in love with it.

My Sauna Elevator 
(I was dreamt of one and imagine my surprise when the elevator her looks like a sauna and is hot like one)

My entrance

 The stairs I run

The bridge and entrance to my Master Bedroom

 First breakfast in my Jungle Hut

It´s not a real home until your family photo is framed 
and put in an honourable place

My pool

Outside my Jungle Hut

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