lördag 18 april 2015

Life so far

Has not been that interesting. I live in a little bubble of my home, the metro to work and my work. I do not see our experience anything else than that, so I have not much to tell about. So I will tell you about some of my feelings and observations within this bubble.

I do really love my home and can´t say enough how thankful I am I found it. Its a little like Amazing Grace: I once was lost but now am found. And it is an amazing grace to have this beautiful jungle hut to hide away in after a hards days work.
My work situation is really crazy, a normal day for me is between 10 -14h sometimes without even a break. And I still do not have time to finish nearly close to what I am supposed to. Luckily I am a fighter and very competitive so I will not give in, I get my strength from the fact that failure is not an option. I do not know how to fail  and I don´t want to learn.

On my way from the metro there is this lovely coffee-place-shed where you can buy a nice cup of coffee on the go. It is called "Happiness Coffee" and they live up to their name. The people who work there always give you a smile and chit chat abut nothing, but its nice. It´s the closest I come to human contact outside of the office. And on top of that on your take away coffee cup everyday  you get  an inspiring message reminding you to not give up, to never give in.

I am still fascinated by the fact I am The Other here. For example on the metro to and from work I am the only blond pale person, including the fact I am one head taller then the rest it really enhances the feeling of being the outsider. It is impossible for me to even dream about blending in. Since this is a muslim country majority of the women wear some kind of head protection, and it makes me think of Europe, how so many countries try to forbid it in different locations or jobs. For example Sweden had an idea of not letting nurses wear any kind of scarf/hijab which is completely insane - I mean how can what I wear on my head possibly influence how I work? I live now in a muslim country but no one try to force me to wear a hijab, how come then that our "modern" western European freedom fighting countries want to oppress women and not let them choose for them self what they wear on their head? I mean seriously, if we are going to forbid what people can or cannot wear i have a looong list of things I rather forbid long before the hijab. To mention a few:

- Catalan hair cut
- People who do not colour match correctly
- Ugly kids
- Uggs
- Bad hair extensions
- Boot cut jeans
etc etc.. the list could go on forever. But, the point is we can not decide what anyone else wears. I would really wish for all these people with all their narrow minded ideas about muslims to come live here, to see well educated smart funny modern women walking around with their hijab, cool Nikes, the latest technology gadgets and maybe they would get an eye opener and let go of their oppressive ideas and stop trying to tell people how to live their lives.
Im not trying to say that muslim is better than western european, my point is that I believe all of us would benefit from go live on the other side of the fence, where you are the strange one. For me it is a mind bending experience and Im still only learning. But to get this opportunity of challenging myself and the culture that has shaped me is priceless and I hope I will come out stronger and with my Doors of Perception more open then ever.

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